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Inspired the by the studies of UFOs, aliens and the artifacts of in our solar system, PYRAMIDS ON MARS is an embodiment of spacey music that brings  both worlds together as both a musical concept, and message to the world of the alien presence. Formed in 2011, PYRAMIDS ON MARS is the solo creation of guitarist Kevin Estrella who offers an aural palette of intense, emotional, 3-dimensional, heavy and melodic progressive rock/ metal that includes a range of influences such as classical music from Baroque composers J.S Bach and Antonio Vivaldi along with today's guitar virtuosos Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani.

Kevin's musical style is very similar to world renowned rock guitarist Joe Satriani.  So much Kevin has nicknamed himself the "Satriani of the North." Of course Satriani is a huge influence on me," he says.  "But he (Satriani) does more of a bluesy thing.  I am more influenced by classical music.  I absolutely love Baroque.  Baroque classical composers J.S Bach and Antonio Vivaldi are  my  biggest  musical influences and a complete  paradigm shift for me,  the way I think about melody and harmony that is.  I spent 3 years in fact, studying classical guitar.  Mix my classical influences with all the bands I grew up listening to like Rush, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ministry, Pink Floyd for example and bands like Meshuggah, I am a blend of it all.  And much more.."
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Kevin Estrellas new album
Echo Cosmic
is out now!
"With the likes of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and David Gilmour.  You would say ‘Wow, that’s a great guitar player!'  If you would have known him.  Shamefully, that’s the thing.  Kevin Estrella is probably the most criminally unknown guitar player on the planet." - Dutch Metal Music

"Your the best damn guitarist I’ve heard in years.  And I consider Vai/Satriani/Petrucci gods.  Each new song just blows me away.. more and more like the first time I heard 2112 (Rush) back in ‘76’."  - Lee Woolsey -

"​​Pyramids on Mars have released Echo Cosmic, which is easily the finest instrumental metal album since Joe Satriani’s seminal Surfing With the Alien." - Steve Earles, -

"You just pushed Vai away from my Top 20 guitar players." - Norberto Lacarriere
Double Helix Alien DNA
"The idea for the Double Helix Alien DNA design came to me in a dream.  My dream custom guitar is being handed to me by these Greys (Extraterrestrials).  The design on the neck is what captured my attention.  But how could such an elaborate design be put on the neck of a guitar?  Three days after the dream, Neck Illusions and I found each other on Twitter.  A very important synchronicity. 

The DNA symbol  is based on a Double Helix Crop Circle formation from 1996 in Wilts, UK. CLICK HERE FOR IMAGES
"I am an 'Experiencer' having contact with Extraterrestrials on at least three separate occasions.  Part of the ongoing experience is  downloading of information such as the DNA Double Helix symbol, increase in ESP, synchronicities, and activation of higher consciousness.

I have come to learn the DNA Double Helix symbol represents DNA Activation.  This is achieved when one reaches higher vibrational states of consciousness.  Scientific discoveries have shown DNA is activated through specific frequencies.  Higher states of consciousness are activated when one is tuned the Golden Ratio/Phi frequency A=432hz.  A harmonic of sound, light, sacred geometry and our solar system.  

Kevin Estrella of Pyramids on Mars
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