Because of the variations of manufactures, scale lengths, neck widths as well as fret widths a lot of time and effort went into trying to develop a "one size fits all" product.  What we ended up with is a product that should fit 99% of the standard guitars out there.

We have created a neck illusions sizing verification template in PDF format for you to download and print. We recommend using it if you would like to see exactly how the neck illusions graphic fingerboard protector will fit your guitars fingerboard.
Graphics that protect™
Standard Steel String Guitar Neck Width Sizing Instructions: Fits neck lengths up to 24 frets
Download PDF Neck Width Sizing Template

We ask that you save this PDF file to your computer and then printing it directly from Adobe Acrobat. Some internet browsers will scale the image down if printed directly from the browser.

Also, please be sure that your printer scaling is off and the file will print to actual size.  The scale of the template printout  can be verified by placing a ruler along side the printed ruler as shown in Figure 3. The printed ruler should have printed to actual size.