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Since the Dawn of Man, Music has been a driving force for humanity, it has evolved, adapted and divided into many styles and genres, each with the ability to touch the soul of a listener based on their personal taste.  Over the years, a small but ever growing group of artists have become known as “Icons” or “Legends” because of their innovations, pioneering and becoming influential examples, giving inspiration to other art-ists to take chances, experiment and devote their heart and soul to their craft, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane to name a few. Todd Taylor has earned his place in this elite group of pioneers by blazing a trail to a style of music that is uniquely his own. It has been said that Todd Taylor is to the Banjo what John Coltrane was to the Saxophone. Even Though Todd’s roots are firmly planted in Bluegrass, his heart also beats to the sound of a different drummer. Rock and Roll runs through his veins and out of his fingertips pioneering a style of music unlike any the world has ever known. Todd’s determination, extreme talent and ability to overcome obstacles has bridged the gap between Bluegrass and Rock & Roll, a feat many said was impossible and would not work. Like the true Legends that came before him, this opposition gave Todd the determination to master his craft and give the world a new genre of music that reaches across the masses. Todd became the first artist in history to take the banjo to the Rock & Roll top 40 on the Rick Dee’s show in the late 80’s with his mind blowing rendition of the classic rock hit “FreeBird”. Todd has been called “Banjovi” and the father of “New Grass” It is not certain what title history will honor Todd with, but there is one fact that is certain. Todd's innovative, pioneering talent continues to amaze his huge audience of fans around the globe.
Ken Marler

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