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Review: Autumn /Aqua-Mazing  / Aqua Design                  
"Super easy to apply and it really brought a new life to my guitar."

Review: Love it!! /Aqua guitar
John Todd from Arizona
Fast shipping.. Great product.. went on easily..
I played and recorded in one take last night after the neck illusions was put on my Ramirez midi guitar. It took 20 minutes and I retuned and played this straight through. There is no manipulation, I am convinced "Rosalinda" (the name of this particular graphic) helped my performance. I can't say why but guitarist know these things take my word and I think the performance shows. No manipulation just sat down and played.
Photo Submittal by Sal /  Luthier
Warning design on a Custom Guitar
These are photos from users of our product sent in from around the world.
Photos & Testimonial by Guitarist Josh Mottley Custom Logo using his photos
Artist page & FB Page
Hey guys! After an incredibly easy install of my custom "NECK ILLUSIONS", I have spent the last few hours jamming with it on, and I find that my neck is smoother, faster and sexier than ever! Thank you so much for my custom piece! My guitar is now 1 of a kind, and is sure to turn some heads when I'm on stage! A fan for life, Josh Mottley....
Photos & Testimonial by Musician
Eryn Bent design is Starry Night..
Loving my Starry Night NeckIllusions!
A perfect match for my Starry Night ink!
Eryn Ben
t Artist page & FB Page
Just got my Neck illusions fingerboard protectors installed. They are skulls with fangs and biohazard symbols for the fret markers. I think it looks pretty bad ass.   website
Photos & Testimonial by  Rick with Design Biowasted
Review: by Chad Pretty sweet product..
-design Legend - Bass guitar
Review:by Kathy /Day of the Dead Skulls Guitar
Great product. perfect gifts

I bought this design for my daughter who just started playing guitar. A friend showed me the website so I thought it would be a great incentive for her to play more. She loved it! She said it added some needed style to her well loved hand me down guitar. I'm quite happy with the product. Easy to follow instructions and easy to install. These will make great gifts when Christmas comes around.
Review: by Cari / Karvana Guitar

I ordered the dot version.This is a great looking graphic, very realilstic. it does make my neck looked like its carved. decals went on easily . really nice product. happy
Review: Great idea! /Bio-wasted Bass
This product is sick. cool graphic. The fretmarkers are awesome . Makes my bass look tight. easy to apply.
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Photos & Testimonial by Band
Shinobi Ninja Custom Band Logo
Artist page & FB Page
Interview with Shinobi Ninja By w Neckillusions on Duke Sims Guitar
Photos & Testimonial by Santiago Romero Classical Guitarist and vocalist for Mariachi Sondios del Monte
Custom Design of their Band's Logo

I Love it "Already rockin' one on my axe"
Artist page  You Tube page FB Page
Photo ,Testimonial & Videos
Randy Rane
Classical Guitarist
With Rosalinda Design and Custom Design.
Artist Page
Photo Testimonial
by Craig Soderburg Guitarist /Vocalist

Artist Page & Itis FB page
Design/ The Smile
Design/ Galaxy
Design/ Tiki
Design/Starry Night
Design/ Rosalinda
Great Looking product..
Alex  on 45 Clouds

I love clouds and this design is beautiful on my Les Paul.
They sent it out fast. It went on easy. it also doesn't interfere at all with my playing. great part if I want something else different I can remove it..
Totally Rad!!
MarkC on Abalone
I was "Blown Away" when I saw this new product..on the NAMM 2015 stuff!..Instantly had to purchase a couple for my shred machines!...Man when these arrived I was stoked to install them...Look bitch`n did not mess with playing or tone....a AAA upgrade to any axe that may have felt abandoned after years of this 1 on my Ibanez s470 dlx
Pierre on Aged
Grand dessein. Bon produit.
MICHAEL on Baron Vont
All around great product.. Feels, Look and Plays amazing... Great service. fast shipping. thank you.
Super Happy
Michael on Blanc
The final touch needed for my snow white Parker Fly.
It looks even more modern now. Super easy to apply.
Feels rather nice on my fingers. Love this product. looking to get a few more. Thanks
Great product.
Dan on Biowasted
This product is awesome. I have had this over a few months now. It was easy to put on. I use it on my daily gig guitar a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 grey finish. It looks awesome matches it perfectly. It doesn't affect the playability or sound tone at all. It actually feels better than the original wood fretboard. A++ all around.
Let the blood run red!
Anders Lindberg sweden on Blood runs thick
I love it! I don´t need to write more words.
Oh Yes...\m/
MarkC on Blood runs Thick
This was the one that i had to start with!!..I have a devilish looking Shecter Hellraiser sunset lmtd in black cherry burst..its a match made in heaven or hell? Illusions has made my days of scoping catalogs and custom paint jobs way to easy!!! a couple more coming soon....Big Big Fan Guys!..10/10
Richard on Blood runs Thick
Just awesome.. love this product..This is a cool design. I will be buying again. clever packaging. Perfect service and fast.
Love it..
Brittany on Boteh
Looks great on my steel string acoustic. easy & forgiving to apply. Fast shipping.Thanks
Great Product
Bob on Bullhead
Looks Good.. Feels Good.. Sounds Good..
Love this design..It doesnt interfere at all with my playability. Actually feels better.. I play a lot live and doesnt seem to alter the sound as well. 5 star product
Love it..
Robert on Daxir
I love this concept. Not only did it change the whole look of my guitar and it made my fingerboard feel smoother and more enjoyable to play. packaged very nicely. just awesome..
Mary on Denver
Love it, this decal of wood grain is very pretty. I got the one with the floral inlays. easy to apply. nice feeling.
PATRICK on Dublin
Great product.. love this tone of wood. doesn't affect anything, it even feels exactly like my rosewood fretboard.. great service, arrived within days of ordering.
Great product.
Tom on Galaxy
Love it. Super easy to apply. Feels nice. Looks great on my PRS SE. Happy with product.
Real nice
Boyd on Lava Rocks
First, the downside; The finish on the item I really thought would be a gloss, it is not. Its a matte or dull finish. There is probably a good reason for it but just so you know.
As to the upside, there are many. It looks just like the pic though once the strings are on it is slightly less pronounced. It is VERY easy to apply and move around. I found (imho) that it was not even worth trying with the strings ON, so I replaced them at the same time. Made the whole process more of a makeover than a try it once. The inner most fret sticker needed to be trimmed but it said that would be probable on the instructions. But once on, it made my Schecter C1 black take on a life of its own. The wow factor is there. I love the look of this axe but the neck was just basic dot. This definitely pulls me out of the crowd and screams heavy metal. I did a fret and total clean before doing this. You should too. Again, it is exceptionally easy to install and move around (for the all thumbs installers like me). I give it 4.9/5 stars. Now, which one do I put on my Danny Electro??
David on Notes of Color
Interesting concept. It went on smoothly. It is helping me memorize my notes better. so much easier than a book. Glad I order it.
MarkC on Skull Glow

Beings a customer already I took my time w the color and graphics w this 1....This will be going on my orig 87 Ibanez Gilbert prototype....This will take my geeter Over the Top...cant wait boys!!!!!will post pics when installed..\m/....NI RoXX
Taylor GSmini
MarkC on Rosalinda
This will look quite exquisite on my Taylor gsmini soon...23 1/2'' scale i'm sure will be tight fit w 24''to will be Ibanez CE5 classical;).....Im Hooked
This #shinobininja guitar is ready for action!!! Thanks to @neckillusions for the final piece of the puzzle!!! newest shinobi ninja design 2015
Custom Design ITIS
J Preston Photography& design
Sweet design
Matt on Grind

Love it.. its makes my guitar look awesome!
Jamie on Rosa for ukulele
Beautiful graphic. Fit and went on great.. Added so much beauty to my ukulele. So in love. Will buy more for sure.
Cool Graphic
Craig on The Gallery for ukulele
This is a great idea. It went on easy. fast shipping. I love van gogh so this choice for me was a no brainer.
I am thinking of picking up the starry night one as well.
Kudos neckillusions
New Photo submittal
New Photo submittal
New Photo submittal
Duke Sims of Shinobi Ninja 
Quote on our product.

As soon as I saw the concept for Neck illusions, I knew it was genius. Millions of guitars made and played every year of different styles, color, and designs but the neck was always the same. Its prime real estate. I wasn't sure how it was gonna stay on or how it would look on, but after 10 gigs so far still looks amazing. Everyone who sees the neck design loves it. It's the next level.. Power Up!!
John S from Australia
my Chapman ML3 Rob Chapman Signiture model all dressed up <3
Karl U  of West Covina, CA sent us a before during and after..

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your product!  The installation of the neck design went smoothly, and the new look it gave to my guitar is outstanding.  Hats off to all who helped bring this unique product to the consumer.  I plan to order a custom design in the near future for another instrument I own.
Best Regards,
Your product is FANTASTIC!
Kevin From Canada with Aqua on his beautiful Godin
It feels great to play. Actually it feels rather nice under my fingers
I got the Verne's Apparatus in the mail today and installed it on my Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II. It took me about 1/2 hour to put it on. It was rather easy once I started with no cutting/trimming to make it fit. One thing I had to watch was to not get it on upside down. Since there is a pattern it's quite easy to get it right but if you were not paying attention a person could get it wrong. It peels off like vinyl and although it may be some type of vinyl, it doesn't feel like vinyl but rather more like a cloth-like material. It feels similarly as smooth as the rosewood fingerboard at first playing. It does have fret markers but they don't stand out very well on this design. On other designs the fret markers stand out much better. The Godin has side markers as do many of today's guitars if fret markers are an issue with you. Well, I'll keep playing it and see how it feels with more time.
Steadfasty from Guitars Canada Forum
Jason Judge music FB pages
A sweet Live karaoke band from Texas
and his own great music page
Photos & Testimonial by Musician
Anders Linderberg of Swedish Speed metal Band with his custom neckillusion
The Porridgeface You tube Page
Mark C with Rosalinda
Taylor GSmini...totally cool!!!!!
Mark C with Skull Glow
Thanks Guys!!!!...Love the new ones...\m/
Mark Has been a great repeat customer and he has some really beautiful guitars you may check out his full review on the online area. Please Check out his Artist MAC D Page 
Mark C with Blood runs Thick
Love the Blood test on my Shecter....
Mark C with Abalone
Love the abalone on my Ibanez
Gert of Belgium Custom design
My bass is ready to rock now thanks
Raja from France The Smile
I love it.
Krisztán M From Budapest
Woohooo!! Thanks guys
Krystal Baker with Rosalinda
Sturgis Waters with
Starry night
Arizona based husband and wife duo
The Waters
Artist FB page
Mike R with Stronger than Steel
Used the “Stronger Than Steel” graphic on my silver Ibanez ART100.  Looks great, stays in place, yet is easily removed!  Might go for a custom one next.  Thanks.
Suits good
Raphaël from Valenciennes, France on Vermont
Well, it suits perfectly on my JEM555 neck as its jumbo frets. it's smooth under your fingers. so I think i 'll pick another
Beautiful graphic
Denise on Field of Sunflowers

I love sunflowers. It's a very pretty design on my Martin guitar. It went on very easily. thank you
Beautiful design!!
Raul on Classical Hygeia
I just love this. it is very nice.
Very Pretty.
Raul on Classical Rosalinda
This looks very pretty on my guitar. Great product
This guitar was created to be a raffle item for the 2016 Ronald McDonald House charity. Read more about this one of a kind tribute to their cause HERE.
Brett B.
1970 ventura,2015 sx resonator with "Moscow" neck illusions installed.
Brett B.
"Memphis" neck illusions installed.
"Buffalo Souls" CD cover art
CD cover art incorporated into a GL1 guitar ukulele.
Visit Dan Snyders Paper Lights media page.
Tim S.
Just installed mine. Absolutely love it.  Playing over it is great!!!!
Dan Snyder of The Paper Lights
"I love my neck illusions design.  It helps me play better.  Makes my playing more fluid.  Just like the DNA design. :)"

Kevin Estrella
Founder of Pyramids on Mars
Order Kevins one of a kind "Double Helix Alien DNA" design      HERE